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The Institute’s Structure

The responsibilities and points of contact for teaching, research, organisation and administration as well as advisory services and representation of interests at the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning are listed below.

Head of Institute

Prof. Dr. Angela Million

Please contact the Institute's main secretariat

Main secretariat

The main secretariat is available as the first point of contact with the Institute. In addition, the secretariat provides support for affairs of the Institute management as well as matters of the organisation of degree programmes and the examination board.

Contact information for the main secretariat

Milena Starosta & Simona Uhlemann, Sekretariat B1

Technische Universität Berlin | Fakultät Planen Bauen Umwelt
Institut für Stadt- und Regionalplanung (ISR) |
Hardenbergstr. 40A | Room B 213 | D-10623 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 314 28092 | Fax: +49 30 314 28151

Opening Hours:
MO 13 - 15 (Frau Starosta)
TUE 10 - 12 (Frau Uhlemann) & 13 - 15 (Frau Starosta)
WED 10 - 12 (Frau Starosta) & 13 - 15 (Frau Uhlemann)
THU 10 - 12 (Frau Uhlemann) & 13 - 15 (Frau Starosta)
FR 13 - 15 (Frau Starosta)

Phone: 314-28092
Fax: 314-28151

The Institute Council

The Institute Council makes decisions about the fundamental issues relating to the Institute, e.g.  the distribution of work positions. The Institute Council’s meetings are open and anyone is able to attend (apart from the closed part).

Meeting dates: every month, Wednesdays 14:00, B 226

Members of the Institute Council
Prof. Dr. Angela Million (Head of Institute)
Prof. Dr. jur. Christian-W. Otto (deputy Head of Institute)
Prof. Elke Pahl-Weber
Prof. Dr. Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper
Janet Merkel & Nils Grube (representative of the scientific assistants)
Stefan Koderisch & Fabian Schmerbeck (student's representative)
Vanessa Tewes & Angela Straach (representative of other employees)

Women’s Liaison person of Faculty VI

The Women’s Liaison person supervises the creation of equal opportunities for women in the University. They advise and support boards and services of the University in all matters regarding women. Moreover, they must be involved in all structural, organisational and personal measures, as well as the relevant official drafts, reports and statements, in particular during the decision process for staffing.

Contact information for the Women’s Liaison person

Matthäa Ritter
Room BH-N 203
Tel: 314 21652

Academic Education Committee

The Academic Education Committee advises and develops reports and suggestions on issues relating to teaching and studies and reports to the Faculty Council. It works in coordination with the Institute Council. Half of the committee is made up of students.

Prof. Dr. Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper, Degree Programme Cooridiantor, representative of the professors

Leonie Laug, student's representative (Bachelor)

Julius Würbach, student's deputy (Bachelor)

Jan Szalucki, student's representative (Master)

Julia Felker, student's deputy (Master)

Christian Kloss, representative of the scientific assistants

Sylvia Butenschön, the scientific assistants' deputy




Degree Programme Coordinator

Degree Programme Coordinators are responsible for i.a. the proper implementation of degree programmes, ensuring the range of teaching as well as organising and carrying out regular teaching conferences. 

Contact information for the Degree Programme Coordinator

Prof. Dr. phil. Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper
Room B 121
Tel. 314-28078
Sek: B3

Contact information for the Degree Programme Coordinator Urban Design

Dipl.-Ing. Katharina Beckmann M.Sc.
Institute for Architecture
Room A 609
Tel: 314-21891

Examination Board

Chair of the Examination Board

The Examination Board supervises the organisation of exams, as well as compliance with the examination regulations and appropriate examination conditions. One of the four professors of the Committee is appointed chair.

The Examination Board for Urban and Regional Planning

Prof. Dr. Christian-W. Otto
Room B 306
ph. +49 (0)30 314-28092
fax +49 (0)30 314-28151
secretariat B1

other members of the Examination Board:

Prof. Dr. Mitschang
Chair of Urban and Regional Development
ph. + 49 (0)30 314-28064

Prof. Dr. Dolf-Bonekämper
Chair of Heritage Conservation
ph. + 49 (0)30 314-28078

Dr. Patrick Schulz
Scientific assistant at the chair of Building, Planning and Environmental Law, Prof. Dr. Otto
Mail: patrick.schulz[at]tu-berlin.de
ph.: + 49 (0)30 314-28112

Zuzana Tabackova
Scientific assistant at the chair of Urban Design and Urban Development, Prof. Dr. Million
Mail: patrick.schulz[at]tu-berlin.de
ph.: + 49 (0)30 314-28112

Jan Szalucki
Mail: j.szalucki[at]isr.tu-berlin.de
Deputy: Kareem Yacoub

Tion Kudlek
Mail: t.kudlek[at]isr.tu-berlin,de
Deputy: Christoph Schiebe

The Examination Board for Urban Design

Information on the Urban Design degree programme can be found on the related website.

Liaison person for Traineeship

The Liaison person for Traineeship is responsible for the acknowledgement of practical traineeship and coordinates the matters relating to traineeships (including traineeship information day etc.).

Contact information for the Liaison person for Traineeship

Hans-Hermann Albers
Room B 206
ph.: 314-28086

BAföG Liaison person

The BAföG Liaison person verifies all course assessments for the BAföG application and identifies missing modules and documents.

Contact information for BAföG Liaison person

Prof. Dr. Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper
Room B 121
ph. 314-28078
fax 314-28146
secretariat B3

Timetable Liaison person

The Timetable Liaison person compiles all courses for every semester in the KVV (‘commented course catalogue’), makes sure that all courses are covered by the responsible chairs and lecturers, and checks timetables in order to avoid overlapping courses.

Contact information for the Timetable Liaison person

Dr. Sylvia Butenschön
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Fachgebiet Denkmalpflege
ph. + 49 (0)30 314-28076

Contact Person for Geographical Data and IT

Thomas Hengsbach M.Sc.
Landkartentechnischer Assistent
Room B105 (Kartographieverbund)
ph. 314-28059
secretariat B1

Liaison person for Students with Disabilities

Prof. Dr. Dolf-Bonekämper
Chair of Heritage Conservation
ph. + 49 (0)30 314-28078

Prof. Dr. Million
Chair of Urban Design and Urban Development
ph. + 49 (0)30 314-2810

Liaison person for International Students

Prof. Dr. Dolf-Bonekämper
Chair of Heritage Conservation
ph. + 49 (0)30 314-28078

Andreas Brück
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Fachgebiet Städtebau und Siedlungswesen
ph. + 49 (0)30 314-28104

Publication Committee

The Publication Committee supervises the following publication series: Arbeitshefte and Sonderpublikationen, the online publications Graue Reihe as well as the Jahrbuch Stadterneuerung (‘urban renewal yearbook’). The publications are published in the Information and Project Centre in cooperation with the TU Berlin University Press.

Irregular meeting dates, for contact and further information please write an

Contact information for the Publication Committee

Prof. Pahl-Weber
Chair of Urban Development and Reneval of Settlement Units
ph. + 49 (0)30 314-28131

Prof. Dr. Lech Suwala
Chair of Urban and Regional Economics
Mail: l.suwala[at]tu-berlin.de

Prof. Dr. Felicitas Hillmann
Chair of Urban Transformation in International Perspective
Mail: f.hillmann[at]isr.tu-berlin.de

Dr. Sylvia Butenschön
Scientific assistant at the Chair of Heritage Conservation
Mail: s.butenschön[at]isr.tu-berlin.de

Juliane Heinrichs
Scientific assistant at Chair of Urban Design and Urban Development, Prof. Million
Mail: j.heinrichs[at]isr.tu-berlin.de

Dr. Andreas Brück
Scientific assistant at Labor K
Mail: a.brueck[at]isr.tu-berlin.de


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